I wanna english Parts of the Website which are parts of the theme like "Read More" to "Mehr Lesen"


Our Yoga Website is in german, but there are some parts of the website I can’t edit. Like in the Blog there stands “Read More” - I wanna have the german “Lese mehr there”.

Also there is an “UP” Botton I would love to translate to “Hoch”.

Please help me where I can do that?

Here is an Image of the issue:

Also at the when I click on a Blog, at the Bottom there is a lot of english text I wanna have in english. How and where can I change this: Here is an image of this

Thanks so much Andreas and Birgit Müller

You will need either to:

  • translate the PO/MO file.
  • hard code changes
  • third party plugin installation

to achieve this.For details, please, refer the theme documentation or contact the item author for the support