I`ve got Elite Badge.

Now I`m Elite. Thank you Envato Team for the best creative marketplace. Im happy to be part of Elite Club and aimed to reach Power Elite Badge. Believe in yourself, guys!


Congratulation @77SEVEN :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:

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Well done, congratulations, @77SEVEN! Keep it up!

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Congratulation @77SEVEN :tada::hamburger:

Good job mate, effort well rewarded : )

Congratulations! @77SEVEN :tada:

Hey @AlekseyZhdanov, may you stop posting on 500 different and mostly dead threads? It’s annoying. I’ve subscribed some categories and now my inbox is full with those boring and copy pasted ‘Congratulations’.

I’d like to read something that’s worth, you just want to get attention and increase your posting count with unrelevant stuff.

It’s breaking the forums harmony. Please, stop it now.

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