I’ve been overcharged

Help please, i’ve been Overcharged!!

So i was on the website and i saw a 7 free day trial and it says after that you will charge me $11.50 per month, so i went and put all my data and you guys charge me for a whole year, i didn’t even get the 7day free trial, I just paid for a monthly subscription that was supposed to be $11.50 dollars, but they discounted me $138dlls And I did not want this at all, I wanted to try it out first to see if I liked it.

So i ask u guys kindly for a full refund, and if i still get the 7 day trial, i can consider the “MONTHLY” subscription, and just to be clear, i haven’t downloaded any file till i resolve this, thanks

Hi @LuisFercho1,

Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


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