I uploaded this track here, do you think it has a chance of being taken??

what do you think? thank you!! :slight_smile:

Sorry but this is most definitely a hard reject :frowning:

The performance is pretty loose and the mix quality is way too low for an acceptance I’m afraid.


thank you!! well i guess i´ll have to try again!!

Yeah and the motor Fx is unnecessary. Generally don’t put Fx like this in your tracks. :slight_smile:


100% true.

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It’s a cool riff and cool idea, but here are a few things that you have to work on:

  1. The performance - right now it is very rushed. A lot of the notes fall before the beat. In general, if not on the beat, then behind the beat almost always sounds better. Listen to Guns N’ Roses for example.

  2. The drum sound - the drums are way too weak in the mix and the overall sound is too muffled.

  3. The guitar sound - way too strong in the mix, but the overall sound is also way too muffled.

  4. Skip the sound FX, or at least make the main version without them, and, (if you recorded the FX), add it for optional use.

Best of luck! Some things to work on, but being aware of what they are usually helps a lot!

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