I uploaded on graphic river for the first time and didn't get notification of review status

Hi, I uploaded on graphic river for the first time. How can I check if my logo got approved or rejected?

hi normally u will get a notification by email … whether this is accepted or rejected … one quick and easy way to determine if the item has been reviewed is to go to the dashboard of your account, the item and the time this is queued will appear on the right side with a mention like (queued for 8 hours) for instance … if the item disappears from there this is that the product has been reviewed and u may have missed the notification. In such case, the item is very likely to be rejected and the notification had landed in the spam folder

You check the email. They let you know by email whether your file has been accepted or rejected.

unless this goes to the spam folder lol because in this case people may not realize … lol

hi there is a way to see if u have something queued in the right part of the dashboard … if u have uploaded something and this is not there any more , this basically means that the thing has been reviewed and u should have been sent a notification by email … otherwise , if u had something soft rejected , the thing should be visible in the “hidden items” thumbnail …