I uploaded item to codecanyon, item rejected, I want know what is the problem

I hated this, for the tenth time the project are rejected
What do I do until it is approved ?
Why the reasons are not explained ?
What are the reasons for rejection?
Any help here ?
This is the last file that was rejected. Is anyone checking it and saying what are my mistakes?

I need some advice to understand the reasons of the refusal.
Thank you in advance!

Best Regards

I reinstalled. I’m waiting for what will happen.
I hope I won’t be rejected again

actually what type of project is this? Lots of unfinished links and minimal features I found. In codecanyon thousand times better project already has. First study this type of related project

If you got hard rejected and you’ve resubmitted the same item again without doing significant changes, your account may be suspended.

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“Lots of unfinished links.” can you give an example?

-I added a document.
-I made an installation video.
-Several bugs fixed

Forgot password not work properly. In admin panel dashboard header section notification, flag icon not work. You should add Demo Middleware , no one can change any post request in Demo version.

I find it better to have everything working in demo mode. (Let’s not argue)
User -> edit
User-> delete
I forgot my password - jhon@doe.com :slight_smile: