I upload my html template but rejected

Hi Team

Can you explain me quality standard required my html template rejected what is issue.

This msg your end
[Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “adivaha® - Travel HTML Template with Hotel and Flight Booking Plugin” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.]

Mukesh Kumar

You’ve got issues on mobile

The placeholders are right for the download version but the demo should use proper images

Biggest problem is the navigation links don’t go anywhere which feels broken or unfinished

Hi Charlie Thank you for reply I try again

Hi Charlie

  1. I have made changes as per your guidance, can you please take a look and suggest if i am still lacking somewhere?
  1. Do you think, i should keep images in the zipped folder? or placeholders are acceptable?

  2. I am sending you the documentation link as well for you to review and suggest. I will really appreciate your help!
    adivaha® HTML Documentation

With respect you are still a long long way off being ready.

  1. still got mobile problems

  2. nothing that could not be found for free elsewhere

  3. there’s avoidable validation issues (some are ok but easily fixed ones should be sorted)

  4. still no pages for the destinations

  5. the pages you’ve added are the same with a different form at the top - just feels incredibly lazy and rushed

  6. the blog page is very basic as do the posts

  7. this is one of the easiest categories to add uniqueness and value and if you want to compete then you need to be considering things like:

  • multiple layouts for different blogs
  • post types
  • destination pages
  • car info
  • tour itinerary
  • trip specials
  • hotel info and profiles
  • different home pages
    And more
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Hi Charlie
How are you

I have added few sections in the home page like Tours and Cards
Even added few sections in respective landing pages

Is it okay? i did check and the site is responsive, where do you see misaligment in mobile responsive, can you please help sharing a screenshot or something.

Is the template okay now? Or do i have to do some more sections in the theme ? Looking forward to your expert advise

adivaha - Travel Portal HTML Template Site Link

adivaha® HTML Documentation documentation Link

Hi Charlie please reply

You are still struggling my with many of the same problems and missing gapping opportunities to improve.

You need to understand what you are trying to create I.e. a simple search portal OR a proper travel site.

Right now it feels undecided between these two types of sites and is not really either.

If it’s the search portal then you are going to need to tighten up the UX a lot because that is going to be hard to be approved here.

If it’s meant as more of a travel site then as before:

  • mobile issues

  • there’s a lot of different typography going on

  • you’ve added pages for some destinations but all you have is the form on a different page when it should have destination info, gallery, inspiration, links to other things to do/see, hotel options, exclusive offers etc etc

  • the tour pages don’t have further detail but could have any number of things like example itineraries, hotels, things to include, traveler stories etc

  • the car page don’t have further info but could list the types of cars available, blogs about road trips in that country etc. and the tour pages

  • the hotels pages don’t have further info but should have property info, things to see and do, room info etc.

  • the flight pages typography is weak and the titles/info overlap on mobile

are all these flight and other info actually done via working API from the airlines or a booking engine? i.e. does the site “work”.