I updated my software on Envato 7 days ago and still it is under review

I am not sure why my software is still under review from 7 days ?
i have read the max time for software approval is 3-4 days but not it is 7th day and no email or notification from codecanyon and still product status is “Queued for review”

3-4 days is the minimum ( working days ) without the weekend/holidays.
On top of that, the reviewer who supposed to check it may be on a vacation, too.

Be patient and don’t worry about it. You will get a reply soon

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I submitted the changes suggested by Envato team in my project and updated again software for review. 5 days passed away and still it is in under review. Don’t know how much time it will take by envato to check minor updates in software and approve them. Time taken by Envato is really irritating…!!!


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