I try to find this soundtrack:

I am looking for this soundtrack from this template:

Any Ideas?

@King_Solomon crediting the music is not optional!! It’s a mandatory requirement!

Please fix asap, your buyers are wasting their time and you’re infringing @LEXPREMIUM’s rights.

Here is your audio


Actually, the music is listed on the Videohive page, Elements does not display a description from Videohive

Don’t claim me

this seems to be a bug that has been around for years, my profile projects don’t transfer the description from Videohive :cry:

You may want to refresh your memory on the rules, then.

Crediting the music is mandatory on Videohive of course, but on Elements as well!

Since Envato doesn’t automatically transfer that info from VH to Elements, you have to manually put the name of the track and music author in the Element item’s description. As explained in the Help Center.

Help me refresh my memory, I can’t seem to find how to do this for Elements

If someone faces the same problem, to add a description for Elements, add it to the Text Description in the items videohive editor