I tried to install the buyer theme. It is showing theme failed because the style.css is missing though i dint alter anything ?

I tried to install the buyer theme. I tried installing the buyer theme but it shows theme installation failed because of missing file named style.css . I havent altered anything though . Can anyone help?

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Yes even I am having the same issue saying style.css is missing but when i try to fix the issue i get another issue saying that the style.css does not contain a valid theme header.

Have you tried to download “Installable WordPress file only”?

Which item (theme) you are trying to upload?

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I’m having the same problem. I reached out to my author about the missing style.css stylesheet, but I have not received a response. Please help!

I resolved this issue by starting the installation from the right compressed file.
Extract the theme archive and determine the correct archive with which to start your installation. See if you can find an installation video provided by the author.

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