I thought there is Item Title Limit???

Hi Everyone,

If the link was remove :. How can he have that long product name & title! Just curious. Thanks!

``Please don’t call out other authors on threads. If you have an issue please raise a ticket with Support.

Many thanks

I am also curious to know.

I got the same @revaxarts . I’m not sure why that author has special treatment on the title. I hope someone explain why. – @KingDog ??? Thanks!

Unless I counted wrong, but the title of that item is less then 100 characters.

Try pasting it to Upload New item title textbox and you’ll see that it’s exceeded the limit

Oops removed! the item is “Bookly” on codecanyon. I don’t want to send support request, took a lot of time for them to reply.

Yeah, very odd.

it’s only 98 characters, the WordPress | Codecanyon part is added dynamically by Codecanyon so the only part that being is counted is anything before - Wordpress | Codecanyon

I copied it to a text editor and comes to 98 characters :smile:

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Uhm, isn’t the limit supposed to be 50 characters?

yeah it says 50 characters only

Lol, I love 9x long title style:
.=(*-..-)~_Responsive Wordpress App Store Theme_/~(-..-*)=.

Not sure why Envato is giving preference to this plugin author. It says clearly on the title field that the max character limit is 50. We all adhere to this rule. It just puts every other “Exclusive item” at a disadvantage when they start doing things like this.

:clap: :clap: :clap: Envato.

The envato help document says different - 100 characters is the limit, so probably they forgot to update that label below the Name field :smile:

Hi All - apologies for the confusion here. I’ve had a dig around on this question. So it turns out there is a mismatch between the character limit on the Upload page compared to the Item Edit page.

The Upload Page limits the Title to 50 characters. However, the Item Edit Page allows a title of up to 100 characters which is actually the limit behind the scenes.

For the moment, the workaround is to update your item title using the Item Edit page if you want it to be more that 50 characters. However, please consider your buyers when updating titles, as long titles might not always be helpful to buyers who are scanning search results!

In the meantime, I’ll mention this to the dev team and ask them to make the Title length to be 100 characters across the board.


We’ve just jumped in and fixed this inconsistency. Both the Item Edit page and the Upload page now limit the field to 100 characters. We’ve also updated the help text on this field.

Hope that removes the confusion!


Thanks! Do you have new guidelines for item naming? 100 characters are long enough for alibaba item lol :smiley:

Great! Now I can finally have my “Super Duper Hella Awesome Responsive Retina WordPress The Only Theme You Ever Have To Buy” item :smiley:

HAHA! exactly my point. I hope they will release some guidelines on having this long item name.