I thought it was pretty unique

Hey everyone,

So I submitted a PHP password generator script last week and it got rejected today. They said that it would need some unique features in order for it to be accepted. I however, thought I had already done this. The package included a standalone script and an easily embedable (maybe a word?) script for anyone to easily add into their existing form to allow users to create a more random, secure password. For the embedded script, I included the HTML to allow the buyer to place the text field for the password,the generate button for a new password, the options for the password, and an optional button to show or hide said options.I also added a feature to allow the use of real words in the password. Most password generators create complex passwords that no one will ever remember. Mine would use different words of varying lengths and then combine any other selected options (numbers, upper/lowercase letters, and symbols) to make it more secure. It was written with PHP and AJAX to allow seamless password generation. Below are some images of the standalone script and the example that is included with the purchase.



Example with options hidden:


With options shown


Please let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions to improve the script.



There’re lots of free ones out there on the web. You should find better idea

Example : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6101956/generating-a-random-password-in-php

Yes, @ki-themes is right. There’s a lot of free password generators with the same, if not more, options than yours.

In the PHP and JavaScript categories, you’re selling code, not applications. Turning your code into an application can potentially increase sales, yes, but to the reviewers they care about the code - and your code is all over the net for free.

My advice to you is to make many more tools than just a password generator and combine them all into a single application. Then sell that. It will be accepted. :slight_smile: