I think the reviews process is flawed

I purchased the [item name removed]. I found some bugs after spending thousands of dollars to build a website around this plugin. The author refused to address the bugs and decided to give me my support money back. I am happy to get my $12 back, but I’m out thousands because these guys do not support their work. What is worse is that someone was able to get my honest review removed from the reviews and now other people are falling victim to the non-service. There must be some review process for the reviews and they get removed if a reviewer is no longer a paid user. You need to be very very careful when using these plugins for critical features of your development.

Heya @blazman, please don’t mind but I had to edit your title, since, from what I can see you did get a refund, therefore, you were not scammed.

Please allow me to explain the logic behind why reviews get removed.

A review gets removed when a refund is offered since:
1. Reviews are left by customers, non-customer users cannot leave reviews
2. Reviews could be used as a blackmail tool if they wouldn’t be removed, there have been cases, therefore, if the author and buyer come to a refund agreement, the review is removed automatically.
3. Say you got the item, checked it out, in 5 minutes you got a refund because it was buggy, then, after 1 day, the author repairs the issue. You can no longer download the item to see it was fixed, your review however is still there, causing damage to the item, even though, it no longer has the bug it was negatively reviewed for.

The general idea is that, reviews don’t favor scammers, that’s never the case. Reviews favor honest, and sometimes brutally honest feedback from customers, but once you’re no longer a customer, point (3) from above applies perfectly.

Therefore, in cases like these, if you come across a broken item and you wish to take action and help others, the best thing to do is to get in touch with Envato Market Help and Support.

Once you do so, and your ticket is processed, a Senior Reviewer will be assigned to that item, and will verify the issues you’ve mentioned. If they are legitimate reasons, the item will be Soft Disabled ( meaning, removed temporarily from the marketplaces ) and the Author asked to solve the issue reported.

The marketplaces must be a place of balance, as in, authors should not be blackmailed or stained with a mistake that’s been fixed for life, and of course, the most important aspect, you must get what you pay for. Therefore, please follow my steps, and get in touch with support in regards to these aspects! :slight_smile:

Cheers mate!


Well you are creating a mechanism for developers like this to NOT support their software, I reported some issues and instead of fixing they just gave me my money back so that the review would be removed. FYI, I received a refund for the second year support, I didn’t get a refund for the original purchase of the plugin and thus I should be able to post a review. You are doing more damage to the subsequent purchasers by removing these reviews.