I think the envato team only has a certain number of designers ....

I think the envato team only has a certain number of designers who accept every item they upload and other designers just waste their time !!!

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If I will show you how many designs got rejected and how much time I spent just to create each one of it you will just get mad clicking on hard rejected for some of them is much much easier than clicking on soft rejected at least it will improve designers not to fall in the the same fault again but they as I told you clicking on hard rejected is much much easier and not taking them to a headache again because they have a lot of another reviews.


thanks bro,
I would try it again and again !

u are completely wrong, buddy we all have rejections …

This is factually correct. The alternative would be all designers getting everything rejected, or all designers getting everything accepted… which we know isn’t the case.

It’s probably very rare though, the amount of contributors who have never had a rejection.

It’s not some big conspiracy though, or favouritism… it’s just the way things always work in situations like this. Some always get accepted, some always get rejected and the majority will get some accepted and some rejected. And hopefully over time, the number of rejections will gradually decrease as the designer find their grove, gets a feel for what works and what doesn’t, and develops their skills and experience.

That’s more of an opinion. If you get one item rejected, then it’s probably not a waste of time to try another item… you could go on to become very successful on GraphicRiver and get to the point where hardly any of your items are going to be rejected. If you’ve submitted hundreds of items and they’ve all been rejected, then you’re right… it probably is a waste of time.

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I do not see what the first part of your comment has to do with what Masiha was saying, sorry … we may agree with him or not, this is not my point and this is clearly a different story. But what is transpiring is that he seems to complain that some people have it all accepted , and u did not really address his comment with your first paragraph. Not to mention that there is another option to add to what u were saying anyways, this is enlarging the reviewing teams (but I have no idea how this will help him to have more approvals, except if he is looking forward to having direct feedbacks from reviewers so that he knows what to improve and step up ultimately …).Then, u may argue if this is possible or not, this is a different story but at least ,in theory , the thing is a possible additional option, too, rather than talking about manichean sort of solutions where everything goes or where everything goes to trash lol (little humor here ,peace) … I think that no one with common sense is in favor of a system where there is no control at all and where people upload everything that they like until all is “buried alive” due to a nonsensical amount of submissions. This would just be the opened door to “quantity makers”, period. I also think that this is something for u to consider however , that this system can be appearing as discouraging when people are facing very regular rejections, rejections always hurt, whether u are a beginner, a super pro and or something in between as this is seen as sort of a failure, especially if people feel like that they put all they had into their item, I might add. Now, let’s be clear too, this is the top marketplace here, so where “the big dogs play” as a former slogan mentioned, so ,obviously people like some newcomers or some with more limited potentials may end up facing a mountain too high for them to climb knowing that this is not 2009 anymore and there is a very extended catalogue and the level has raised many times ever since. Now, I think that the real issue is to try to get to determine how to use his rejections: as a way to learn more, as a signal to “push the envelope” and bring more effort to the table again, so that he can ultimately bring his game to the next level … or not …

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No, I did not address his issue in my first paragraph. Thankfully I included more than one paragraph.

yes, True it !

SHE IS … :slightly_smiling_face:

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We all got rejections, that’s normal but some authors spent 4-5 or more days to create a great creative flyer and get rejected and some authors upload 3-4 flyers a day with a simple background, a female model and a lot of text and get all approved. That is the problem.
Authors get frustrated about quality standards on GR.
They don’t get it anymore.


That’s right, I totally agree with that, and it’s very annoying.