I think that my sketch design will hard rejected

Hi to all:

My design is too basic, bad colors and error spacing. will hard rejected? please help me for fix better my design.



I am waiting more 1 day but time reviewer themeforest say 1 day http://quality.market.envato.com/themeforest


but not come my email approved or hard rejected or soft rejected

I wait you will help me thanks.

please help me thanks

nothing help me

Hi @JeriTeam as you have already submitted the design. please wait for the reviewer email and review result comments. Weekend now so may be review time can take some more. Thanks

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Many thanks maybe if hard rejected it means already on themeforest, again many thanks, regards.

I believe every Author always try to give their best to make a Item approve. So, you must have did the same. Don’t think negative just wait for the result then the original result (hard reject/soft reject/may be approve) will come to you. Thanks

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sorry, I understand now thanks :slight_smile:

good weekend :slight_smile:

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