i support!


Hey There creative people…
i open a website to support artists and designers from all their kinds…
since there’s a lot of rejected files here and there so i start this project…
replay here if you think its good step to support the freshman designers…
if i saw alot of you interested i will provide you the way to help and how you can give your rejected file as free.


You want to create a site that distributes rejected files for free? Or you want to create a site to give advice on improving rejected files?


dont get it!!!



and give advice from professionals users!


If someone is submitting their files for sale here then it is unlikely that they will want to give them away for free?

Out of interest why would someone use the site over getting advice from proven community members/authors etc. here?

Not saying it would not work but offering advice against files for here is very dangerous as no one can guarantee approval


Thank You charlie… its just an idea thats why i make a post about it here to see if its good or not :smile: