I submitted a theme, your feedback would be much appreciated, thank you :)



Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I submitted a WordPress theme in personal blog category, I’d love to know what you think.
If the theme would be rejected, can you tell me what it would improve or add to make the theme better.

Demo: http://khothemes.com/preview/easy/
Header Transparent: http://khothemes.com/preview/easy/transparent-header/

Thank you very much, have a good day :slight_smile:


Personal blog theme with cart, its bit strange. It might get approved but I am not sure.


Hello, this is just to show that you can create a shop with the theme, if WooCommerce is not installed, the cart is not displayed.


I don’t like the 2px border around the posts, I tried 1px & looked better, I don’t know maybe it’s just my taste I’m not a pro


Hi @mamak24, I find this pretty, for customers who do not like, it is very simple to 1px, you can enter the css in the panel.


hi can any one help me my theme rejected 2 times
they said
Your item does not provide the necessary design quality for this category. As higher quality items become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.While I’d be able to provide feedback as to how to get this approved, I can only do after it has crossed a certain threshold, quality wise. I’m sorry to say this isn’t there yet.
What should i do ?