i submit this item but its hard reject with in 5 hours, i cant understand pls help me..........


You need to improve your item design quality this type of design are already marketplace.
They expect more good design.



thanks for ur compliment

Your psd is very good but as say @unlockdesign your design already have in themeforest. you can create unique design psd will approved themeforest.

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thats means design no problem?

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no problem. your typography is good

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@ThemeJungles - The main reason they are looking for is the Design that really appeals the end user(s).

In your design - section arrangement is fine. Typography works is almost 70% complete.

What do you need to improve?

  1. Font Family - use something like - Poppins, Inter UI etc… that gives your design a modern look.

  2. Colors - Your design must need to change it. It feels like the older look. Use some fresh colors

  3. Font Icon - Use thinner font like feathericons OR you may also do try the Duo tone font icons i.e. trending now a days

  4. Images - why don’t you try the Vector based instead of full width image in main Header? i.e. also in trends. Use consistent image style that gives more power into your design. (ex. In your team section each of images has different BG that results too much noise in your visual appearance.)

There are lot of other things to improve in your design which I’m not able to explain it in better way here.

Thank you


what a beautiful review ! i am very much thankful to u. i think it makes me good designer. i want to follow u phoenixcoded.