I still can't believe this got hard rejected :(

Could someone tells me why I got hard rejected http://welldone.besquares.net/landing/ ?

So 9 people opened the demo link and no one has something to say ?! It must be so awful theme.

Well I guess being approved with a WordPress blog theme is quite challenging nowadays. I would say that you can still improve some things like:

  • Color scheme ( I don’t like the colors at all, but it is personal )
  • Typography hierarchy and
  • Icons, details, spacing and alignment
  • Add some original features

Good luck !


The theme really offers original features such as:

And many more.

Theme is good but has a few shortcomings:

  • The Terms and About pages on the first example isn’t loaded.
  • Why is the page title displayed only when scrolling down?
  • Add lazy load post images.
  • Demo load animation is not high quality.

Good luck!

Hello Guys,

I made changes to images and colors hope to hear from again

Could you tell me which load animation you mean ?

I see that you have already changed the animation. It looks better now.

You are right, Thanks.

You definitely improved colors, now I can say that I like them ! However, you still need to add more features than a blog.

I also spotted a responsive issue with my phone: your site is larger than my iPhone 6 viewport.

See the screenshot (this needs fixing asap)

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That’s really weird It should look like this on phone

And yes I will add more features such as woocommerce support, ads manger, other demos.

My bad, phone behaved strangely on other webpages too. I restarted it and tada ! Works great, so I take back what I’ve said about responsiveness. :wink: