I sent my PhpBB Theme and the Theme has been rejected.

Demo: http://www.spacegaming.cz/demo

Please, help!

Where is error?

What can i improve or change ?

Hi there:

I think that your themes not sales becuase bad typography, colors, etc, regards.


I apologize for my late answer.
But everyone likes something else, I do not like it: http://planetstyles.net/demo/h2o/3.2/1/ and is there and I’m not saying anything, because everyone likes something else different design, etc …

The issue at hand isn’t whether your design is good or not. The issue is that your design has many flaws and does not pay attention to detail at the level required.

Again, this is your third topic on the same item. Most if not all of the points I mentioned in your previous topics have not been addressed. I even provided screenshots of some example flaws and they’re still not addressed.

Your theme still has many inconsistencies and spacing issues. It looks sloppy as a result. The theme you linked and claim to not like does not have these issues. That is why it is approved. If you can’t see this, then with all due respect, you’re going to have a very hard time getting a theme approved here.

Furthermore, your theme is a bit on the plain side, is it not? The other theme has seemingly much more effort put into it and is very unique.

For the record, I hope I don’t sound too harsh here. That is not my intention. But I do want you to understand where the issue lies, and, I don’t think this is a matter of subjective design influencing the review decision.



When I align it, it looks odd.