I sent it 3 times, all of them were rejected. Why... why.... ?

  • The title is pretty descriptive.
  • The document has been added in 2 languages.
  • The item has been added to the correct category.
  • I even added a demo url address.

You always throw the same robot message. Is it so hard to explain the error properly?

Hello BOTBenson,

If you provide a demo URL, I’ll take the proper time for a review. Please note, however, that I am an author like you and not an Envato employee, I can not guarantee that Envato will agree with me.


Generally a rejection of this sort is not because of any of the things you described, but instead because of the item quality. If it was any of what you said, they usually give a soft rejection, and then explain what you need to do.

item quality? what should I do?

Sometimes people will post a demo/image/example of what they submitted to get some feedback from the community here in the forum. If you’re genuinely not sure what you did wrong, it can be helpful to get some input from others

However, a hard rejection of your item(s) means that you can’t simply change/fix a few things then submit it, you would basically need to make an entirely new item while keeping in mind the things people say.

I made a plug-in for a woocommerce bank that is not sold on the site. What did they not like?

Hard to say without seeing what you did.

Could have been messy coding, poor design, poor UX, etc.

If it’s not sold already that could be a sign that there is little or no demand or suitability but as per your previous thread - without seeing at least screenshots it’s impossible to give feedback


Honestly it doesn’t seem like a great idea for customers to use this, as there’s no security guarantee, and no positive track record.

why not a great idea? Let me write this huge plugin reliable on the screen?

Because of the reasons I stated. This is something that users are expected to put their credit card info into, but because it’s a new thing with no official security, and no track record of being trustworthy, it could put users information at risk. Even if that’s not the case, people may not want to use it for the same reasons.

how safe are other plugins then? The reviewer is not looking at the code. There is no vulnerability.