I sent a product and I didn't see it on my profile

I sent a product and I didn’t see it on my profile how it works can someone help me where is my products went to review and then I didn’t see it anymore and I didn’t receive anything where I can view

Hello, @maxwellteste
If your item disappear from the Envato dashboard and did not appear on the portfolio then your item got rejected. If you didn’t receive the Item review notification email ( You should check spam. Cause sometimes email can go in spam, so need to check inbox and spam.), If there you find nothing then check your email settings in the Envato market ( Settings => Email Settings ), is there a checkmark for Item review notifications. Thank you

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hi, how long ago did u send it? if the thing is gone from your dashboard this has been reviewed and if this is not seen in the portfolio this means that the email landed in the spam folder :slight_smile: