I sell for 29$ and I get only 7,79$ ?


Trying to understand what happen on my account, I sale an item for 29$, and get only 7,79$ in my earnings. Around 75% for Envato. :open_mouth: Hey guys maybe you can offer me a beer on your Yatch when you come in the French Saint-Tropez no ?

Hey there. Check out this Help Article. It will answer pretty much all your questions.

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Thanks, I asked for a beer, I get a link… nice… :slight_smile:

I already read it, but, maybe my mathematics are too old, but can you explain me why :

What you say : 29-(29*0,375) = 18,125$
The reality after a sale : 29$ = 7,79$

There is 10,335$ in space ?

You’re math’s not off, you’re forgetting about other fees. Check this link. It will explain exactly how the final price is reached. It’s not just the equation you used.

Cheers mate! Get a beer for me too if you find one! :smiley:

Yes, I forgot the 5$ fee, let me try again :smiley:

29-5-(24*0,375) = 15$

Yeah, I calcul the same amount that you show me on this page :

But again, I earned 7,79$ (in my balance), and not 15$… so why please ?

Don’t give up, we’ll win our beer for sure… :wink:

Check your statement page. You probably had a portion withheld for taxes? Did you fill out your tax form?

Yes I think I fill a form for non-us author few month ago, maybe more than one year. I already contact the support for this problem, and fill the form I remember.

What does it say on your statement page?

Sorry, but for me it’s completely incomprehensible… :smiley:

Yep, you’re having 30% of your earnings withheld for taxes after all. The normal for Spain is 5% and it should only apply to sales from the United States, so clearly something is wrong with your tax form or you didn’t submit a valid tax ID number in it.

Go to your settings > tax information and do it over again.

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I’m not in Spain, but in France (I am under VPN if you say that for my location). I Will check this form again. But I seen 0% for France right ?

Oh, apologies then. It is indeed 0% for France. All the rates are published on the Help center :smiley::

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Just filled the form again, and I think it seems not working… I get a confirmation message, but the form stay here.
I did the same more than one year ago.
Could you check with the specific team for that please ? And let me know if it’s in process or not ?
… And another big question… after validation, what about my previous sales taxed for nothing ? :slight_smile:

They are not for nothing if you had not preciously validated your Tax Information. :slight_smile:

( ( Item Price - Buyer fee ) - TAX ) - Author fee = Your Earning
If you filled w-8 form with your tax information then TAX will be based on your country US Tax Treaties. If form submitted but not provided tax information then tax will be 30% for all of your sales. Already calculated tax will remian same, there will be no effect your form submission on already calculated tax. You can email taxinfo@envato.com if you need to discuss it further.

You can only benefit from a double taxation treaty if you provide your foreign tax-id in the the W-8 form. No foreign tax id = 30% US Royalty Withholding Tax on US sales.

And how to do when you have a French Company without tax ID ? :slight_smile:
There is a company type in France named : “Auto-Entrepreneur” without tax id…

So Americans take Taxe on my work in France ? LOL… Why ?

These are questions your accountant can answer with far more detail than we can! :slight_smile:

Salut l’ami,

I am from France, and yes, I was shocked when saw this tax withdraw for my first sale here. So I quickly checked how to properly fill a W8 form , and now my taxes are 0%.
You only really need to enter you Foreign Tax ID which is in fact your numéro fiscal.

I found excellent information here: http://uprooted-deracine.blogspot.com/2016/03/comment-remplir-le-formulaire-w-8-ben.html

You can contact me by private message if you have any questions.

Yeah… C’est pas comme si on était pas déjà taxé en France… En gros tu bosses dans le vide parce que les ricains se croient encore les rois du globe. Faudrait que quelqu’un leur présente les Chineses un de ces 4… :slight_smile:
Fin bref, thanks pour l’info, le “alien, non-US” m’a bien fait rire, j’ai renseigné un numéro sur le W8, mais comme dit plus haut, sur un status AE certains n’ont pas de Tax ID…

Thanks all, for your informations and support, I’m still disappointed because I didn’t get any beer, but now I know who have mine… Am going to check Trump to get it !