I see that my codecanyon.net account is blocked

My name is Saddam Hossen!

I watch a video on YouTube. Where my favorite is running a fifty percent discount on a PHP script. Then I went straight to codecanyon.net from my website. Then there are discounts from those scripts, I purchase my favorite scripts.

It was: Active e-commerce CMS and Some of its accessory plugins. These elements I did not purchase together. Bought twice at the same time. First six and then two.

I used my own MasterCard when purchasing these products.

The elements I purchased were tools for creating an e-commerce website. After payment is completed from my card. I visit websites to purchase hosting. I have received 2 confirmation emails that the Product has been purchased.

Then I visit the website https://codecanyon.net. To download my products. Then I was logged in to the website https://codecanyon.net. As soon as I change the Browser tab above, I see that my account is blocked.
All of this happened within half an hour of creating my account!

How do I get my account back? How do I get my money back if my account is not refunded? I look forward to your help

My codecanyon.net Account Info
username: billbaZar

Thank You!

You should copy this post and write it as email to the envato support instead of passing your creditcard details and fullnames to the public here.

You need to contact support - it’s almost certainly to do with confirming and validating your account. Envato Market Help and Support

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contacted codecanyon. I can’t get any good feedback from there

Please help me a little. They sent me an email after I contacted codecanyon. I have sent you a screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot of it. I tried to contact codecanyon a few more times later but they did not respond. Please help me

Saddam Hossen