I search a specific wordpress-theme

Hey :slight_smile:
I search a wordpress-theme like this website: http://www.p4wnyhof.de/

I think its realy simple, maybe to simple to find something similiar.

Important at this point is the 2-row-layout. Maybe left side the content, right side the widgets?

Maybe someone know something :slight_smile:


That is not good enough to pass for here so you would need to find soemhting else and strip it back.

That said ti is a WordPress theme that is for sale but not on envato. If you explore the website code the theme name is there as we can’t share links to other marketplaces here in forums

Thank you charlie.

i didnt know that is WP too :smiley:

The source sayed its a theme called DW-Gamez.

I think its this from themeforest or?

Good spot - I Googled it and the author’s site came up top and didn’t check TF. Yes that’s the theme

Call me Agent!

Thank you very much, that helped me alot!

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