I requested to refund for the theme edugrade

I requested to refund for the theme edugrade [purchase code removed by moderator for safety] https://prnt.sc/rq95cl , still its not solve its more than 2 months, when I am trying to create refund again then it saying that you already refund request opened for a specific purchase, until what time it will remain open, please solve my issue, [purchase code removed by moderator for safety]. I already raise the query about it 2 times, but not received any response from the last 2 months, How poor services you are providing. I am struggling hard for refund. The theme author and support team is so rude and worst. They didn’t help me when i requested that they start demanding money to support.


You deserve refund or not get idea from here

Envato customer refund policy

Still any question get in touch with envato support team they would like to assist you with an official answer.


I followed it… and requested refund before 2 months ago, still its showing refund request already opened… its still opened from last 2 months, not getting any status or response regarding it

if your author didn’t reply (accept the refund request) then you can go to refund request details page there you will get option to raise a dispute. you can use that option then envato support team will investigate the refund.