I requested for refund but the refund amount is wrong

I bought Avada Theme, there was I faced issues regarding theme and then requested for refund, while in this process I wanted to withdraw my refund request, but it was too late, the theme author processed refund, and in my account refund of 71$ is processed, but when I checked my account, the debited amount for theme and credited amount after refund is different, there is arount 500rs in INR is difference with the amount credited to me, but in themeforest statement it is showing as 71$ where this is the full refund amount.

I have attached few screenshots, where you can see the difference, and themeforest statement screenshot aswell, please let me know what’s the issue, and why it’s coming like this.

Hi @cemcansn,

All transaction in Envato is in USD $. Envato has refunded you $71 but in your local currency (INR) can be different based on currency conversion rate.


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but the currency conversation rate is falling at the same rate 80 INR to 81 INR. There is no such big fall in Rupee. :confused:

please ask your Bank how much $ they received. and it will be $71 (Envato refunded). Your bank is converting $ to INR.

Different organisations and businesses may operate using different exchange rates