I requested a refund

envato, for a codecanyon software. I requested a refund. There is a stream.id error in the code. When I request a refund, they do not accept that the error was caused by the code. I asked envato employee to try it in practice. I know you will get an error. he must prove to me that this error is not there. so they need to install the software fully.
but I want my money back because the code is corrupt. if not, I asked them to send the visual that proves it to me. they refuse to do it.

Are you asking the author or envato?

I wrote an event. An incident I had! envato support team does not help! I was left with a bad code.


You can request a refund here
Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules


the code is corrupt. I have video and error logs that prove it is corrupt. bad code and they left me with this code. As I said, they don’t provide me with the necessary evidence!

Unfortunately only support will be able to assist with this or look into it in more detail.

If you have a ticket open with them then reply to that. Other wise you can use Envato Market Help and Support