I requested a refund and now my account is locked

I purchased a theme from posthemes a couple weeks and have been in dialogue with them from then regarding the theme not working. I sent error reports and gave them access to the website.

They went on holiday and when they resumed work. The documentation page to the theme was changed to only display one compatible software and removed the other versions.

I was told to request a refund using themeforest when i did My account was locked.

Plus they have removed my comments on the template that i purchased with them.

What can i do to get back my money from themeforest and posthemes.???

Hey there! If you went over the Envato Refund Policy and requested a refund directly to your payment gateway this maybe a reason to be locked out of your account until the dispute is settled ( more on this via this article ). You must get in touch with Envato Market Help and Support to get more information on unlocking your account and resolving this dispute. The community forums cannot assist in account related matters.

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