I request that you please tell me why my work is being reject


hi indeed, pls no offense, ok? but what u have at this stage looks a little bit too raw … this is not professional enough according to standards here , in addition, the style is sort of too childish and not polished enough , it looks a bit like a collection of shapes put together and this is clearly not looking like a modern style. Nowadays, in most cases , you have a good deal of logo using the pathfinder with some shape being withdrawn from others and delivering sort of a tough concept. Here apart from a bit naive a style in the first place, in addition, u have a logo completely incompatible with one of the requirements here as they want to have a one color version … think about it , if u have to merge the waves and the dolphin together , i am afraid that your logo does not look like anything anymore …
in addition the typo part is really basic … not only is this not particularly original and not extremely matching but this is also failing to combine fonts

i will take care? lol u mean u will , right? lol

Sorry typing has been mistake

Sir I’m sorry I respect you so much. Sir please forgive me.

really really sorry

LOL no need i am joking buddy , and pls do not tell me “sir” i feel like u talk with my father LOL

pls call me Nico, thanks in anticipation :slight_smile: