I request NewsPaper template support

–Support is requested on the NewsPaper issue, in which the recent update does not allow you to choose the templates for posts that were released before, where they were with different layouts, it is not understood why they change in each version, everything and you cannot keep what you have. It was already useful and for which it was paid when purchasing the license.

Although the support period has expired, it is not understood why the updates that you make to the theme damage or change things that were already configured, the publishing options are not found in the editor area, which were already there, or that could be chosen. Your updates cannot force us to change the site settings on each update, I consider this an abuse

We paid for a WordPress theme in operating conditions that change from time to time, and it is not because of the normal WordPress changes, it is because they have removed things from the theme’s control panel, which work and their updates change them.

If you don’t need the update, keep it with the stable version .