I request help to sell my add-ons

It’s honestly quite frustrating that we spend days working on something that is rejected for “lack of quality.” I took the trouble to explore other sales, and I can see that there are many that were accepted and have negative comments, few sales and poor quality.

I am trying to sell a useful plugin for WoWonder, which the author authorizes me to do. But they are determined to reject due to lack of quality. They tell me from support that they cannot explain the reason. I wonder, is it so difficult to write a few words and say the reason for the rejection?

Because they reject without us knowing the reason… that is, an image, the video, the code, a poorly placed letter, or simply the person who woke up in a bad mood and rejects everything they are seeing.

What I’m trying to sell makes WoWonder more dynamic, and many may be interested. Watch the video of what I sell and tell me that it is wrong: https://youtu.be/0-BHa2flyu4?si=VFTy-KSXEuobNopW

Adding a feature to an existed item created by an author but not CMS is always tricky.Apart from the rejection, just imagine that the original author decided to add these features to the script. What would happen then?

Creating a theme for those items is one thing but adding features is risky that you’d be taking the risk. I suggest to find better idea, it may just not be suitable for sale at all.