I recently uploaded an item and it got hard rejection. I’ll be grateful if you can point the weaknes

Hi all!
We are trying to publish HTML / CSS landing page template on Themeforest Market since March. During this time there were a few hard rejects and with each of them we are increasingly improved our template.
So, community, we really need your help! Please help us to find problems in template

Here’s the demo

I can only see it on a mobile but you have a ton of work to do in that placement with all sorts of elements stretched, no hierarchy, not scrolling correctly etc

(These are just a few of MANY)

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Hi @charlie4282 ,
Please check again. I made some changes .
Project management

I’m not an expert in these admin items but we seem to see a lot being rejected recently based on forum discussion.

Speaking from a more general perspective of the front end - your attention to detail still needs a lot of work (not an exhaustive list):

  • different fotns on different graphs,
  • generally spacing and margins need a lot of work
  • generally typography and font choices needs attention
  • the grey and orange boxes e.g. 40+ generally do not look good
  • right aide bar widgets all far too close together

In a category where the majority of items seem to be being rejected, and especially when there is no dynamic functionality to make the dashboard work, the details like this become important.

Hey @charlie4282
Please check again . I made some new changes [BoffinCoders Admin Dashboard Template](https://Project Management Dashboard )

Hello @boffin_coders,
I wish to inform you that here are some responsive issues in your design.
I am attaching a screenshot, please have a look.

Hey, You need to work more then 80% this is very low quality ui and ux. You can focus design and responsiveness. Color theme also difficult. I suggest you can. Check top quality templates.