I received Free Zip files from Envato member,

Hi, I am a new occasional consumer (trying to increase to a regular/frequent one), I recently received an email offering free products, however I had to respond to the email first before receiving it, (which I replied to a @gmail account) and they sent me a zip file which they said were free items enclosed.

After reading all these ‘hacked’ accounts going around, I am not keen on opening the zip file now…

Their account seems legit, says they’ve been a member since 2014, but I do know how else to determine their authentic?

Has anyone else in the market offered similar promotions/interactions in the community?

Thanks fam…

I definitely wouldn’t open it. Offering free files as an incentive to purchase is against our terms of service. So at very least they are breaking those terms.

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Interesting, I will notify them of this… and if nothing else simply report them, thanks KingDog…

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