I received a message from 3docean

I don’t know why I received a message from 3Docean. I only work on ThemeForest. What I have to do now? This is the message:

Hi alithemes,
Here is a sample of your items reviewed for the day.
The reviewer has left you some notes about your soft-rejected items. Make sure you look into and action them before resubmitting.
You can find the full list of your soft-rejected items on the “Hidden items” section on
Approved (1)
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(I’ve looking, but no item on my “Hidden items” section)


Looks like a technical bug and nothing to worry about. Flagged it for staff reply but if in doubt just drop an email to support

Thanks Charlie, but how to flag for staff reply?

Already done it for you. Thanks

Yup looks like a bug :slight_smile: