I received a hard rejection on my script and need advice on why that happened.

Hello fellows,

I received a hard rejection on this new item due to quality standards: https://timelyco.codelinkinfotech.com/

I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with some valuable advice regarding this matter.

Thanks a million.

Two issues:

  1. I don’t think this is necessarily suitable for a stock marketplace as typically professional organisations would invest in purpose built software

  2. It feels very unfinished - the links in the nav just scroll to sections on the same page, the admin is very basic without much more info than a list of companies. If you are going to play in this category then you need to be offering substantial features and functionality to compete e.g. reporting or dashboard on use, notifications, calendar views etc.

Thank you for feedback, I will work on it.

One more concern:

It is true that due to the unfinished aspects, this may not be suitable for a stock marketplace, as professional organizations typically invest in purpose-built software. In such a case, why did I receive a hard rejection? Couldn’t the team inform us to improve it and retry the submission?

They only give feedback on items close to the necessary standard where there is evidence of author understanding and where the gap to approval is managable.

Feedback on every submission would never be possible or sensible