I receive reject email but there is no clue there.

Hi everyone,

I have received the email for hard reject after waiting for 10 days and there is no feedback from Reviewer so that I have no clue what I should update for the resubmission. Especially, I already have 1 item approved. That item was hard rejected at the first time but with feedback. Along with that feedback, I can update the item. But now, I do not know what I have to do.

Can you share a link?

When an item is hard rejected, the reviewers do not leave any suggestions. And a hard-rejected item can not be re-submitted.
Good luck with your next project :wink:

I could not really understand the purpose of your system… it looks kind of too basic, like a simple CRUD system. You should probably add some more features, in order to make it there.
Once again, good luck !

When I submit the first item, they also hard reject WITH reviews.

I am sorry if you just take an overview, I have explained in the description. It does not only include the CRUD system to manage team, players, but the score management. If you have a chance to get familiar with tennis score rule, so here is the plugin to support you in the specific field “Tennis”. Or if the Reviewer has the same idea with you, I think they should include that so that I have a chance to explain more.

It seems too basic. Probably you should add some features.

Did you try with score rule and ladder management?

Functionality aside for a moment the execution is not very premium feeling and the tables are not responsive.

Enhancing the design and finding a a way to make it all mobile friendly would make a huge difference

That is a great idea. By the way, can you please take screenshot of the unresponsive screen on the demo? We have made it scrollable in small size of screen. Thank you.

You can scroll sideways to view the rest of the data so yes it’s scrollable but finding a way of making it more mobile friendly e.g. carousel type flow, tabs or even better re-sort the data into some form of vertical display would make a huge difference to the user experience as well and the visual appearance of the plugin itself

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I guess this is the case… unfortunately most of potential buyers will have same idea.
I’m sure you’re going to get it done… make some overall improvements, give it a better “premiul” feel…
Good luck !

Thank you so much for your time and feedback. I will use it as a clue to upgrade the plugin and resubmit.