I really stuck with my design, many time i edit it but still reject :(

I really stuck with my design. Many time i edit it but still reject :expressionless:

Can some one help me plssss.

Thanks all

hi buddy , i told u the balloons for me this is looking rather old but at least u could find some harmony all the same. the model is very good, good choice the problem is more likely to be the lower part of the flyer if u ask me … indeed, u have an issue of perspective about the ground area and there are shadows lacking behind flowers

The right bottle over that balloons looks like something else :zipper_mouth_face:

i’ve modify it. Please help me to see

@n2n44 can you help me to review bro?

I would add more contrast and atmosphere by making the edges a lot darker.

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Work a bit more at the model, some of the parts (like hair) looks they were chopped with an axe. The Hearts you’ve added look a bit unnatural in my opinion. Info section with “doors open…” looks so creamed with next row , a bit of spacing

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hi for me this is better again but as @styleWish mentioned, if u can add a bit more depth in the back and the sideways , the flyer will look better again and @LucianC was pretty right to mentioned that u could smoothen the edge of the hair , i agree with this, i would personally introduce a shadow under …
however i do not feel the same as he does … as i tend to believe that for the “door opens …” in fact, i would just take out a line , personally so that there is more breathing, more balance , too , i mena once u have re arranged the spacing between lines … and for all this part i would take out the bold decoration
to be honest with u i do not like much the dj line … for me , the font chosen is not matching and is too thin and makes very little sense insofar as u turn out to try to valued this part , so why opting for a very thin font like this one ? it looks incompatible