I really need help guys!

Hello all,

in the very hard process to produce good tracks, I finally thought I got this one right:
The curious Cat

But it has been rejected.

Moreover, I am not sure if I have to watermark my music before submitting or not…

Thanks a lot for your replies!

Ok thanks anyway!

Hey, You did a good job with the track!
Without a watermark there would be a soft rejection, I think.
You got a hard rejection because of the non-commercial structure of the track. But it’s purely my personal opinion.

Thanks a lot for the reply! I have done my best but yes, it’s probably useless commercially. Thanks for the explanation about the watermark, I wasn’t sure.

Thanks again!

Listen to some tracks in this music category. Learn the ones that interest You the most. No need to try to copy them, but they should pay attention. A large number of sales is not an indicator of good music, but an excellent ability to trade and advertise your products.

You mixed the track well, but You should also pay attention to the orchestral libraries and how You use them. Sometimes it is sounds “midi”. This may also be the cause of rejection.

I also have a few hard rejections. Some of Elite authors have hard rejections! Cheer up! I know you did a HUGE job. But if You don’t stop, You will understand what mistakes You made at the beginning.

Thanks a lot, I thought…I am new and my music is just not working, but you’re right, my orchestral libraries were not that good and I bought new ones. I am in the learning process and the rejects are not a problem, I just need some help to understand where I am wrong because in some cases I really don’t know where :wink:

Thanks again, I will work on some better tracks now.

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“I just need some help to understand where I am wrong because in some cases I really don’t know where”
This is normal. I think many composers have this feeling. And making music is a creative process. You cannot be wrong in this case, because state your thoughts. Just create. You will learn everything with time.
Of course, I’m not the best composer and mix engineer, but I see how my work is getting better. And you will be so