I really love my reviewers!

I believe that this is a free luxury that is on this site - this is a reviewer.
I create SFX and really respect and thank the person who listened to my sound, checked the ZIP (listened to the files inside), read the description and decided to sell (and at the time: determined the price for the goods). He paid a lot of attention to my products (and for me it’s free).
Even when my goods deviate sharply - I do not complain and do not blame, but I try to understand the meaning.
This aspiration was very helpful when I started. I know nothing about this market, and the reviewer knows everything. I trust him.
The whole experience of abandoning my tracks is very positive.
I also received a lot of tips, hints and edits for “soft rejections” - this is incredibly valuable. I was just taught and taught for free!
I am grateful to everyone who has been a reviewer with me during the past year, as well as to all those who perform this hard work. It is very important!
I love you, my reviewers!

(*I apologize for my google-english :wink: ))


No, it’s not. You pay the author fee for that.

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I pay nothing - they pay me here (the share of the licenses I agreed to when I entered the community; what Envato spends his share on is not known to me)

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