I really don't understand the criteria. Track rejection.

Ok, so this track was rejected. After 100 years of waiting for the answer from the page. No explanation why whatsoever.

I really don’t understand it. It sounds good, doesn’t it?. Probably they have problem with some small irrelevant details in the track, but how on earth can I now about it if they can’t say it?

How can anyone upload the track if they reject it on the basis of such a small irrelevant details? I mean, they can always find SOMETHING wrong with ANYTHING.

This market is simply LAME.

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Neat retro quirky vibe! The problem is that this track is sooo different from what is being offered here. Try different libraries.

I also angry for this . Its very be cool if reviewer would be write short version of problem
rejection reason : Arrangement…

I think high frequencies sounds too blurry…

I really like it, fun! I think this piece screams game music, not sure how high priority that is for AJ. Which is a bit weird since there is a huge market for game music.

I don´t have anything else valuable to add, sounds great production and mix wise. Pitch it to the next library in line.

Good luck!

Thank you for your comments. Do you know, or have experience with some other markets that are good for selling this stuff?

5 DONP, stnemele snoitom, FR 321 ( Reverse the order of the letters and numbers ) . These websites are good because the reviewer are more open minded, less severe and by this way, You can take the time to build your Portfolio. Of course on AJ, sales come easier and quicker . But definitely theses website work better for me, I compose Synthwave /Ambient / Chillwave track. 0 Rejected track with all these libraries and I got sales each months! And the fact is I’m a just a beginner (7 months only) .It’s important to find a place where you can try without being frustrated by rejections. It’s important to have the feeling that you can come into stock music step by step and in the same time improve your composer skills !

Good Luck !