I really don't Understand. Please Help Me About Fees!

Guys check my last sale. I m from Turkey. I got only 12$ for $49 sale. What is it???

Cool:) You have submit Tax form to decrease USA taxes

You forgot to fill out the W8 form in your tax settings.

Turkey and USA have a double taxation treaty about 10% on royalties, but you can only benefit from this treaty if you provide Envato (and the US IRS) your Turkish tax ID as foreign tax number in your tax settings.

Without the tax id you have to pay 30% on royalties, that is currently the case here:
$23.12 * 0.30 = $6.94
$13.88 * 0.30 = $4.16

The author fee is 37.5%
$23.12 * 0.375 = $8.67
$13.88 * 0.375 = $5.21

welcome to the madness where the authors make less for their items than the IRS and Envato, you are basically working for the USA goverment now.