I put my license on a deleted site

I put my license on a site and that site was deleted since I had a bad domain. How can I recover my 907 license?

You have no buyer badge on this account so you will need to log in using the purchasing account and then contact the author with the purchase code and ask them to deregister it

But I bougth the license since this account; look I add images to prove this:

The account in the images (ivanimw) is not the one you are typing here with (programacionimw).

As you can access the download:

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When I enter the link that you sent me, he asks me to log in, I try to
start with ivanimw and he tells me that it does not exist I put it that
I forgot my password and it does not let me :frowning:

You would have to register on their support forum (link top right of that page goes to http://support.webcreations907.com/wp-login.php?action=register)

Add the p/code and you should be able to submit a ticket

Add a picture :

[redacted due to private purchase code]

I can only suggest that you either leave a comment on the item or reach out to the author (bottom right hand side - make sure you are logged in)