I purchased the Miami theme package and now its discontinued. Anyone know how to keep using this theme?

I purchased the Miami Theme package less than a year ago. It came with visual composer and several other important plugins. The theme has been discontinued by the author and Visual composer has stopped working until I buy a new license from WPbakery. I am really bummed that I spent countless hours building my site only to have buy another license and potentially start from scratch with a new theme. My concern is the miami theme will not be updated and I will eventually have to change it out for something else that has continued updates. I am also concerned about buying another theme or VC license because what would prevent this from happening again. Miami Theme promised continued support and updates when I purchased it. Envato is not backing the products it sells and will not give me a refund. Anyone have and insight on to what I can do to ensure I can build and edit my site for years to come. I am a beginner but I have worked really hard to understand all this and I will rebuild my site but only if I have to… Thanks!

  1. are you sure the theme is removed and not just temporarily disabled while they update it?

  2. buying a stand alone VC license may not solve your problem as the theme has to be able to support that version itself

  3. it’s not about envato not backing the files that they sell - they don’t own the copyright (it’s part of the business model which makes the quality/quantity of files much higher here) so can’t enforce/prevent authors choosing to remove their files when they choose.

Speaking as someone who had bought more than most, I appreciate how frustrating it is when files are removed however if we choose to pay $50 for something worth thousands of $ then there is bound to be other considerations.

In terms of fixing your problem - you could hire a freelancer to help (www.studio.envato.com) but there will always be this risk with any theme (purchased over 6 months ago).

There are some authors who have proven to stand the test of time but even they remove their files from time to time as WordPress and other platforms change and in some cases modifying much older items simply isn’t possible or worth the authors while.

Hey Dema,

Your issue seems to be easier from what you describe.
From what I understand you can update VC, if we add it on a GIT and find what modifications there are with the main one, and provide those for you.
I can help you with the task if you want, so you do not have any issues.
Feel free to PM me or email me at basiliskan@gmail.com and I will guide you to the proper solution on how to setup the environment so you are " safe "