i purchased eoxpress theme, after the last update in eoxpress core my website having some trouble

After the last update our website is not working properly, Please check the link for the reference vaqureremedies.com and it seems issue is with the eoxpress core plugin because on disabling it, that issue disappears but along with some important content of website too. Kindly look into it and let us know if any fix is required from our side, also guide us to rollback to previous version until that resolve. We tried to reach you via your support forum system but that too seems glitchy as we are not able to login after registering.


Hi @PushkarPharma,

Please contact the author of your purchased theme, the theme author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


i tried to connect by registering but i am unable to login due to some glitch on their website.

themelooks says that the author is envato

envato is a marketplace where Authors are selling their item(s). Author is responsible to support their customer.

You can ask support directly to the theme author by posting comments going through the theme Comments page. The theme author will answer your query.


i already commented on theme comment page but they repply me that…


Please register and use our support forum ( register – Themelooks Support ) to get support from our experts. Please make sure, you are registering as “Envato User”, not “ThemeLooks User” (Check out the screenshot as reference Screenshot by Lightshot ). After then, post your topic with details about your issue, here Eoxpress – Themelooks Support

Best Regards,

ThemeLooks Team

this reply getting from theme comment page

If you can’t register due to a glitch on their website then let them know that in the comments too and the author will help

who is the author.?

The author is themelooks - if you have registered on their site but can’t submit a ticket then by mentioning that in the item comments on themeforest they will be able to help find a solution

what is the role of envato in this?

We can see you posted comments around 2 hours ago and the author replied around 30 minutes ago. Please get in touch with the author there (theme comments page), they will help you. Thanks

For clarity envato is the marketplace through which the author sells their items.

Any support updates or support is handled by the author themselves.

why i ma not able to login on this link register – Themelooks Support

What happens when you try?

Presumably you have chosen turn”envato” option at the top of that page and competed the required info?

yes right, but is says purchase code already exist.

after that i tried to login but it says “your email is not registered with us”

Only the author will be able help with this - you can contact them without registering here https://themelooks.com/contact/

thanks all for your kind support