I purchased a social networking script, I do not use that script, how I can legally sell/ transfer


I purchased a social networking script from CodeCanYon, but I am not use it, I would like to know is there any legal way to sell or transfer the license to someone.
The product price is 130 USD but I can give for 60 USD, I do not want to do anything illegal or unofficial.
That’s why I am asking here the legal and correct way.
As I am not using that script and its just sitting with me, I am thinking I can give on half price to someone who needs it maybe it will help him/ her as I do not use it.

Please guide me, what are the possibilities within the legal ways only.

Many thanks in advance.

You cannot resell it as is for any price.

You would need to build a separat eproject which encompasses this file (suitably modified) and then sell that

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Thank you for your answer, I am just not using it, I thought maybe someone would like to use it and I can give away on half price :frowning:

Unfortnately thisis against the license which you purchased and is not allowed even if you were not charging for it at all.

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Ah I see, thanks a lot Charlie, so kind of you for the answers.

Have a great day ahead.