I purchased 4 licences and now the theme doesn't updates anymore!

Hello, I purchased 4 licenses of the Albedo theme by wplab and therefore I have 4 sites that cannot be updated because the programmers no longer exist! Meanwhile Wordpress goes on in the versions and now with the version 5.5.1 Albedo no longer works at all.
This is a disaster for me!

Hi, have you tried to contact the author via his profile contact form?

If you are still within your support period (and the item was marked as supported when you bought it), you can ask for a refund.

If the author won’t be able to help you and the refund is not an option for you, then your only option would be to hire a freelancer who can fix those issues. Unfortunately, the fact that items can be removed anytime is part of the deal.

I have tried many times and I’m still trying. I have 4 licenses and, I may not need support but just an updated version, I could purchase it again if only it exists!

If he doesn’t reply then you are out of luck and should hire a freelancer (for example at https://studio.envato.com). It seems that the author has abandoned the ThemeForest, so there is nothing Envato can do in this case.

Ok, thank you for the support.