I paid with credit card but nothing to download

I purchased one item for 33 USD and I approved this transaction to my BANK also but nothing is there to download. Please say me solution.

I fill all Card details. It shows transaction got cancelled due to CARD security reason. Than i got call from my CARD bank, they asked to approve it and i approved it. But till now i didn’t get a link to download. Please help me what is the solution now ?


are you sure your purchased done!
please go to your Dashboard then statement Tab. you will find invoice(s) there.

Can you see any invoice there?


No, there is no invoice.
On your page it was shown that the decline process declined because of Card security reasons. I got a call from my bank and I approved there. Is that a case , you will get confirmation from the bank and update statements over here ?

so, your purchased not done. please confirm this from your bank. if yu like you can purchase again after fixing the card issues. Thanks

In case if i will purchase it again with another card and later on my previous amount also added to you, can you provide one amount back to my account?

as your previous purchase not completed then the amount will not be given from your card. just clear previous items from your cart when you will go to purchase again and add the item in cart again to purchase.

I don’t think Envato’s system accounts for a delayed approval like that. Once you get an error on the payment page, the system stops waiting for it to be approved. Then your bank sent the funds, but they had nowhere to go and no system to accept them.

I expect that the charge is just a hold, in which case Envato doesn’t actually have the funds and you’ll automatically receive a refund after it expires (almost always within 1-2 weeks). If you don’t see a refund after two weeks, open a Help ticket.