I paid for Elements but can't dowload anything.

Last week I took advantage of a discount for a one-month subscription to elements. My payment was accepted as I was notified from my credit card issuer. I was allowed 12 downloads for the month. My problem is that when I select an Elements item to download by clicking the little download image, I’m presented with a screen telling me I have to buy the monthly unlimited plan to download the item. What am I missing here? Any help?

I’ve written to support 4 days ago but they say it may be 10 days for a response.



Please make sure you loggedin Envato Elements (https://elements.envato.com) with the subscribed credentials then you will be able to download from your subscription.

Hope you opened Elements Support here: https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

then please wait Elements Support Team will reply you as quickly they can.