I not work more on graphicriver because hard rejected all my flyers.

Hi to all:

I create new flyer not have sell on marketplace but I not understand because hard rejected :frowning: I feel very bad, maybe error file my flyer or not please check my file, many thanks.

File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p9rl22aadlgug9l/Happy%20Easter.zip?dl=0

You can check my file also because maybe error file. thanks.

The Easter one should have something to soften the cloud behind the bird on a branch graphic, and the model may not fit Spring.

But after looking at your file, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Ok, here is the list…

  • Guide lines are way out, you need to convert inches into pixels, and then turn that into a graphic element or colored square then use that as a quick way to put the correct bleed lines in.

  • The top right hand dove has messy edges, (Envato want clean edges) and it also looks like the doves might need the edges done again.

  • edges on the flowers and nest need to be redone, (a slightly blurry graphic element is fine, but not the edges). Google Youtube that to see how you use the pen tool to outline a shape, then use the Clone stamp tool to bring the edge up to the pen line, and then reverse that for the outer edge).

  • Lighting affects are fine, but more would be good.

  • The flowers need a shadow.

  • You don’t need to group all of the elements, (that is more work for you, and the customer) just label what each one is, in the same group is enough.

  • Get rid of your email with the Word file, as all correspondence should be done here, and unless l am mistaken that is not helping.

  • I would get rid of the DS Store file, (not sure what that is, but it doesn’t open and l don’t include it in my ones).

  • You can put your help file into a Notepad file, but that is optional.

  • And, (after looking) Never leave white areas around things. You have left white areas around the nest graphic, and that will get your flyer slammed regardless of how good it is.

  • And the grass is probably too blurry to get accepted also?

I would suggest going over to Youtube and typing in some of the issues l have found, since l don’t have the time, And you should substantially improve your success rate here, if you do.

Good luck.


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Many thanks I will learning design flyer on youtube :slight_smile: I love you help me :slight_smile: regards.

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@tmcom a question where link tutorial create flyer graphicriver? please help me thanks.

Not sure that there are any tutorials to create flyer on GR, but YT probably has something.

And the quickest way to get up to speed is to buy a flyer that you like from here, (but make it a high level one, you may as well learn as many tricks as you can if you have to buy it).


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The 15 march come my money paypal than I will buy you flyer on graphicriver :slight_smile: for I see for example flyer approved.

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a question… Do I can fix my flyer old rejected (easter and spring) and resubmit approved or not?

I wouldn’t advise that you fix everything and resubmit virtually the same ones, as the reject rate is pretty high, and Envato prefer that you make substantial changes first.


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Many thanks than I make new flyer :slight_smile:

I think that the most serious issues on your works, is the collage of multiples photos that has differents lights and shadow. So what you do it’s simply blocking out photos and put them all togheter. This can’t be acceptable in any sort of graphic domain, not just on envato…
Easter flyer: What kind of party it is? Techno? Dance? House? The graphic elements in your flyer seems to be adapted for a generic Easter event, not a music party…

Another serious problem is that your works does’nt follow the trend and it looks much “has been” (oldy).

Some text are very big, I suggest you to reduce the size.

You need to improve your skills I think. :sparkles:

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Many thanks :smiley: I try it regards.

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